Last week Telangana IT minister KTR’s comments on AP roads have created a huge storm. Well the irony is, now his father and Telangana CM KCR is at the receiving end of the criticism on roads leading to Yadadri.

This divine shrine was recently thrown to public after seven long years of renovation. The TRS government spent over Rs 1800 crore for overhauling the temple and another Rs 2000 crore for development of Nalgonda district.

One heavy rainfall exposed the quality of roads laid at Yadadri. The roads got washed revealing the cheap quality of materials utilised in laying the roads. Also at the temple, the water entered the queue complex while the temporary sheds were brought down by wind.

It was made to surprise the world #YadhagiriGutta #KcrConstruction #Yadadri #Rainwater #Temple #Telangana @KVishReddy

— Teenmar Mallanna (@TeenmarMallanna) May 4, 2022

People who reached Yadadri were shell shocked upon seeing the roads and pictures of the destruction caused by rains are shared on social media. But a few poked fun and shared memes on KCR, KTR and TRS government for belittling neighbouring states.

The general public are worried with the Monsoon just a month away and urged the TRS government to allot contracts to reliable contractors and lay some high quality roads with Yadadri being tourist hub.

Certainly the incessant rains have dented the reputation of KCR for his tall claims on Yadadri development.