Like no other government, AP CM YS Jagan Reddy led YCP government is implementing welfare schemes i.e, freebies in the state. “In the last three years, Rs 1.36 Lakh crore have been spent on welfare schemes and we will be spending another Rs one Lakh crore in the next two years. Thus we need to retain the 151 seats in the next elections,” said CM Jagan with authority.

CM Jagan made the above comments in a meeting with ministers, party district presidents and regional coordinators. Aiming to sweep all the 175 Assembly segments, Jagan directed YCP leaders to work accordingly and take the welfare schemes to the public and make them even more popular.

But the big question is can these welfare schemes fetch votes and the same number of seats? Also will people mostly who are beneficiaries of the welfare scheme, again vote for YCP? Development and welfare schemes should be implemented in the ratio of 70-30 if any state is to be healthy in any economic situation. However this ratio has long turned upside down. The states and country’s financial situation flipped with the freebies occupying the election agenda.

CM Jagan should be aware that people may or may not vote even if the welfare schemes are being executed. It is unpredictable what is in the minds of people and whom they will vote for in the polls. Take the case of recent Uttar Pradesh elections. Those who were known as good leaders lost and two leaders who are in jail serving sentences in criminal cases have won by a good majority.

Why did the reliable and honest leaders lose and why did leaders with criminal cases win? None can answer these questions and at the same time, Jagan should know that welfare schemes alone cannot win back the YCP.

People should be presented with the right balance of welfare schemes and development while seeking votes. If YCP finds this balance and can display the same to people, they can seek votes with full confidence. And if people believe YCP’s work, there are high chances of retaining the power a second time.

In addition to development, law and order must also be under control. MLAs, MLCs and other representatives should be available and easily reachable to the people. If anyone of the above deviates from the line, forget politics is the only option because these days one defeat is nearly equal to people forgetting the so-called politician. .