Hero Vishwaksen managed to get a superb buzz for his movie all of a sudden more through his incident on TV9 rather than the prank video he planned. And that brought his day after tomorrow’s release Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam into the limelight quite efficiently. But then, this happens to be a risky buzz.

Going by the buzz Vishwaksen made, actually, everyone might think that his character inside AVAK is also a massy film like Falaknuma Das and Paagal. But then, the film is about a silent guy who is quite funny and verbose. That innocent like characterization is in contrast to the buzz Vishwaksen is creating outside.

If anyone expects that he will explode like a Mass Ka Dass on the screen inside this family drama as well, then they will get disappointed. That’s why this is a ‘risky’ buzz surrounding this latest release of the actor.

On the other hand, with box office needing a solid hit as no other small film has succeeded like a DJ Tillu in the recent times, we have to see if Vishwaksen’s movie will live up to the expectations or not. If he delivers at this point in time, surely the result will be big and also his dry