YSR family has been winning since ages. Precisely, members of the family has represented the constituency Thirteen times on a trot starting from 1978.

What has made Pulivendula a stronghold for YS family? Caste factor plays about important role in their victory.

Reddy community constitute to 45% of the total population in the constituency. This is the highest presence of a single community in any constituency in the state.

In fact, in no other constituency, a single community is present even for 40%. Christian population is also increasing in the constituency and YS family also got it covered.

The fact that YSR is a state-level leader also helped the people to own him and the family later on.

There are also allegations of large-scale rigging and fake voters in the constituency by the Opposition but then, Caste factor is the major reason that any thing else.

Before 1978 the first election YSR contested here, four elections happened in the constituency since 1955 and Reddy leaders have won in those elections as well. That means no other community had represented Pulivendula so far.

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