Rana Daggubati and Sai Pallavi’s Virataparvam is announced for July 1st. The promotions have been kickstarted with Sai Pallavi’s Birthday glimpse called Soul of Vennela.

The video shows us the world of Vennela. We can see some beautiful locales of her village and her parents (Sai Chand and Eshwari). The actress’s dressing is so natural and relatable to those times. Sai Pallavi who is naturally beautiful shines further in this simple dresses.

The two dialogues in the video have some connect to the story. The first one implies Sai Pallavi as a different life in the forest and the last one indicates an epic love story with Rana who is seen as a rebel in the film.

The Soul of Vennela serves both the purposes – Sai Pallavi’s Birthday gift and to taking us into the world of Virataparvam. Director Venu Udugula seems to be doing the magic once again.