The whole of Bollywood remained dead silent on the comments made by star hero Ajay Devgn about the importance of the Hindi language. While he stated that Hindi happens to be National Language and remains one, the Constitution of India states that Hindi will be the official language but no language is picked as the national language.

After some perfect counters given by Kichha Sudeep on Twitter to Ajay Devgan, we could notice that the final roasting was done by maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma.

The talented director who is these days making absurd comments, as well as movies, has posted, “Like the PROOF of the PUDDING is in the eating , the runway 34 collections will prove how much GOLD (kgf2) is there in HINDI versus KANNADA “. He stated that this will prove the perfect winner between Ajay and Kichha.

On the other hand, this open statement coming from RGV is actually upsetting lots of Bollywood folks including that of film critics. While some of them reacted, some are speechless at this statement as they are also wondering if all this hungama by Ajay will help “Runway 34” grab huge collections.