TRS president and Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao yet again indicated his intention to play a key role in national politics. However, he set aside the need for a ‘front’ or ‘tent’ and said there was a need for an alternative agenda which, he said, would demand committed efforts.

Speaking at the TRS plenary held in Hyderabad, KCR criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi indirectly and said that it is not enough if individuals prosper. The state should develop and for this, there should be cooperation from the Centre.

Two meetings

He said that all his party leaders also felt the need better conditions in the national politics if Telangana had to prosper. India can surpass America and become a strong economic force if the rulers at the helm of affairs worked with dedication and determination, he averred.

He said that the TRS would take a right decision at the right time regarding the role of the party in national politics. He informed that the TRS government was planning two important meets in Hyderabad in the coming days – a conference of economic and political experts, intelligentsia from across the globe and the other with retired All India Services officers, who are more than 2,000 in number in the country.

These meetings will help the authorities and politicians to understand and gain insight into various issues regarding India, resources available in the country, infrastructure and others. KCR said that these meetings will help the TRS leaders move ahead with concrete plan of action and be a part of the alternative political force in the country.

“We should understand what people want and also know how changes can be made in the policies and only then can we surge ahead as a strong economic force in the world. China and India are separated by Himalayas but there is a huge difference in terms of development between the countries. I tried to know in which area we are lagging behind our neighbouring country even after 75 years of Independence but could not really get to the root cause,” he said.

Tourism industry

KCR said that India has immense potential to gain from the tourism industry given the rich heritage and culture. “But we are thronging Singapore where there is just one statue with water coming from its mouth,” he lamented.

There are sufficient resources in the country and it is just that we are not able to exploit them in a proper manner due to lack of commitment, he said.

There are enough financial resources for the TRS to grow as a national party, he said and added that the party has assets worth Rs 1,000 crore. The party has 60 lakh members, who can donate from Rs 10 to Rs 1 crore, he said.

Strong Centre-Weak States

KCR criticized Modi for calling the CMs in the country for a meeting to discuss on precautionary measures to be taken in view of the Covid-19 fourth wave but asking the states to reduce the taxes. On one hand, the Centre is increasing cess on fuels but asking the states to think twice before increasing the taxes. He slammed the BJP for preaching one principle but practicing completely opposite measures. Politics have been made murkier by the BJP. Now, we have a strong Centre but weak states, he said and blamed the BJP’s dirty and cheap politics for it.

In the last 8 years, Modi government never bothered about the financial condition of the country nor did he think about the unemployed youth. The party is only trying to stoke communal feelings which could lead to hate politics, he said.

He warned Modi to be careful and stop playing gimmicks as people were watching him and that he cannot fool them. He vowed to work for the development and prosperity of the state.