Setting the predictions aside so as to whether there is an early election plan as per the prescribed schedule, the Telangana politics are currently aligned around the next Assembly elections.

From the ruling TRS party to all the oppositions, every party is busy with their own political activities to win the trust of the people by the time the next election notification is out. But the focus is on the TRS party which is willing to score a hat-trick and retain power for a third consecutive time. To achieve this feat, TRS is taking the support of poll strategist Prashant Kishor and TRS is working with a new strategy that is being implemented as per PK’s instructions.

In the recent past TRS has become very verbal be it on social media or in the mainstream media. Their leaders are sharing info-graphs related to Telangana’s development and the discrimination being done by the BJP government in New Delhi. These developments suggest that TRS is ready for the poll battle. Analysts say the ruling party’s strategy revolves around Delhi or neighbouring states citing the remarks of CM KCR and Minister KTR.

A month or two back when a businessman expressed his disappointment on Bengaluru city’s infrastructure, KTR jumped into the scene and invited the businessman to pack his bags and reach Hyderabad. Then last week KTR poked satires on electricity and water supply in Andhra and he also pointed out the horrible roads.

And in the last Plenary meeting of TRS, the party leadership targeted the BJP government and all the 13 resolutions that were introduced were against the Modi sarkar. Earlier, the state government had raised concerns over the purchase of paddy from Indira Park. Later TRS staged an agitation in Delhi and demanded FCI to buy the crop. Analysts say the TRS, known for igniting the sentiments, might go to the elections comparing the neighbouring states and discrimination shown by the government of India in the last eight years. Will this strategy work?