Director’s are the heart ,brain, kidney all body parts for a movie. Movie always depends on these directors .
2012 has bought few hits to Tollywood and let’s took a look at those directors who bought those.


Taking Tollywood to a peak stage he came with an all time hit this year that is non other than EEGA. He even showed the taste of tollywood film to Bollywood. EEGA stands one of top films in Tollywood.

Harish Shankar

Every director need a spark to shine and Harish has got it with pawan kalyan. He showed the different angle in power star with his GABBAR SINGH.  Harish got success with a simple formula of attracting class and mass people with a single movie.

Puri Jaganath

He bought Business man with a simple business plan and made a huge business in Tollywood. Dialogues are much attracted by mass audience which scored a better results to BO.


Two blockbusters in a row for a debut director is not a small issue. BUSSTOP Movie got a good response but the vulgarity and mostly Tripple meaning Dialogues made a damage to movie at a class section of audience.

Though there are many other hits this year but when comes to direction part these four are Highlighted much so we concentrated much on them. This is last line of the article you are reading because we are concluding this article.