Telangana Institute of Medical Sciences (TIMS)

Telangana Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Gachibowli (TIMS) has treated thousands of COVID patients. Cleanliness and sanitation is maintained throughout TIMS. Good quality treatment and care is being provided to all the patients including severe cases admitted into the ICU.

1,000 beds super specialty hospital set up all over the city of Hyderabad. Like Aims, it is an autonomous medical science organization. Specialty & Super Specialty Medical Services.

Also Medical education in Specialty & Super Specialties like PG courses in 16 specialties & 15 super specialties, Nursing & Paramedical Education in Super Specialties.

30 Departments like Cardiology, Kidney, Liver, Brain, Lung, Departments of Cancer Services, Trauma Services, Endocrinology, Departments of Allergy and Rheumatology, Diagnostic units etc.,

200 Faculty & up to 500 Resident Doctors. 26 Operation Theaters. Heart Cat Lab Services & Kidney Dialysis Services, Cancer Radiation & Chemotherapy Services, CT scan, MRI services.

Oxygen for 1,000 beds & 300 ICU beds. Quarters for Residents and faculty.

Construction plan of Tims:








Floors of buildings

G + 5

G + 14

G +14

Building Area (sft)

13.71 lakhs

13.71 lakhs

13.71 lakhs

Budget (crores)




Being a COVID positive hospital, the patient attenders are not permitted to enter this highly infectious area and hence to give the status update of the patients, a dedicated phone with operators is being assigned and updates will be given via whatsapp especially to those admitted in ICUs .

The diet contractor at TIMS is being replaced on 1st May 2021.