Sita Ramam First Single: Like A Beautiful Painting

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Dulquer Salman and Hanu Raghavapudi’s Sita Ramam made an instant impression on the audience right with the first look release and title announcement. The team has announced the first single ‘Oh Sita Hey Rama’ for May 9th.

The promo of the song is out now. The song seems to be theme of the film – a love story in the backdrop of war in Kashmir in 1964. The promo starts with snow mountains and with soldiers chasing some people and shooting them down.

And then comes the love story with Dulquer Salman releasing butterflies which are trapped in a fishing bowl asking them to learn dance from Sita.

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Our literature says Butterflies are perfect dances. So, the director implies Sita is a better dancer than them. The visuals and the music that runs in the background are amazing.

The entire video looks like beautiful painting. The promo already predicts a blockbuster first single.

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