Of course, there is this trend of Superstars and young heroes putting up a tweet when a film flops and apologizing to their fans.

But Megastar Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan might not do that for Acharya right away owing to the fact their ‘mega’ fanbase might get hurt more if they put up such posts on social media. But here’s something they might consider doing now.

Ever since Acharya bombed big time, many film lovers are squarely blaming director Koratala Siva for the failure. To date, this director never knew what a flop film looks like and this is the first time none of his ideas inside a film worked out.

Though some are blaming Chiranjeevi and Charan for interfering in the story, definitely a director of Koratala’s stature won’t allow such interferences and will carve out what he intended to do. Thinking this, Koratala is taking the blame for wasting a top combination like Charan and Chiru.

To cool up things, maybe if Chiranjeevi or Charan speaks openly about the film’s verdict and what has gone wrong, and gives some respite to Koratala Siva with their tweets, surely would be a cool thing to do.

When reports are coming that even distributors are pressuring Koratala for the losses, as he is the one who has handled the total business of the movie, surely a word from Charan or Chiru at least on social media would give him some relief.