SatyaDev in Acharya !! Chiru’s tweet saying thanks to him.. Going Viral !!

The movie ‘Acharya‘ starring megastar Chiranjeevi as the hero will be released in a few hours i.e. on April 29. The movie was highly anticipated as it was directed by Koratala Shiva. Everyone knows that Ramcharan is playing the role of Siddha in this movie. He is paired with Pooja Hegde. Chiru is not the opposite heroine.

There are rumors that Anushka is there in this movie but there is no clarity on the matter. Shiva denies that it is gossip. However, Chiru gave a surprise saying that another hero is also acting in this movie. That hero is none other than our Satyadev. He is rumored to be starring in ‘Godfather’ starring Chiru. But so far not a single news has come out that ‘Acharya’ has acted.

However, Chiru himself informed about this through his Twitter. “Dear Satyadev.. Thank you. I’m so happy to be a fan of a great actor like you.. I’m glad to see you in a short role in ‘Acharya’.. I am so proud to have my fan in the full-fledged role opposite me in ‘Godfather’so proud of you. God bless! ” Chiru tweeted.

Satyadev responded to Chiru’s tweet… “Annayya, you are an Acharya to many in acting and life. As a fan, your name has been on your mind for a long time. I have become an actor who sees you. Today I had the good fortune to appear with you for a while in Acharya Cinema. I had the opportunity to see and learn from your hard work and discipline.

డియర్ @ActorSatyaDev ..Thank you.
నీలాంటి చక్కని నటుడు నా అభిమాని కావడం చాలా సంతోషం.. #Acharya లో తక్కువ నిడివి పాత్రలో అయినా నువ్వు కనిపించడం నాకు ఆనందం..#Godfather సినిమాలో నా అభిమాని నాకు ఎదురు నిలబడే పూర్తి స్థాయి పాత్రలో నటించడం నాకు గర్వకారణం..So proud of you.
God bless!

— Acharya (@KChiruTweets) April 28, 2022