A section of mega fans and Nandamuri fans completely left aside the RRR movie watching experience and rather opted to create fan wars by saying their hero got better scenes when compared to the other.

The other day, a netizen shared a pirated pre-interval block of RRR in which NTR delivers a clap-worthy performance. As expected, this video went viral. And as anticipated, NTR fans and Charan’s fans are arguing their hero delivered better performance and got the better scenes.

The situation will only worsen once RRR’s OTT version arrives on ZEE5 and Netflix. Both sets of fans will start sharing video clippings of the two heroes and start quarreling about which hero got the better scenes and who outperformed the other.

RRR’s OTT version will most certainly lead to a heated verbal clash on Twitter as both sets of fans are more than likely to go berserk. These people might also start abusing SS Rajamouli, saying he did not elevate the hero in the right manner.

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