Review: Bhala Thandanana

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Sree Vishnu teamed up with Baanam director Chaitanya Dantuluri for an action thriller. Sai Korrapati, who is known for his taste, has bankrolled the film on Vaarahi Chalana Chitram. Director SS Rajamouli has graced the pre-release event and shared promising things about the film which raised hopes on the film. Let’s check out.

What is it about?
Chandu (Sree Vishnu) works as an accountant in an orphanage where he meets investigative journalist Sasirekha (Catherine). Sasirekha is trying to crack a series of cold-blooded murders of people who work for Anand Bali (Garuda Ram). Who is Anand Bali? How is Chandu connected with him and what is the mystery all about?

Sree Vishnu as an underdog shines. As an innocent, he performed well. But the story is too heavy for him to carry forward. Overall, Vishnu does his job well within the limitations. Catherine has got a role with substance. She is partly engaging. Her dubbing and lip-sync are dampener. Posani delivers what is expected from him. He evokes a few laughs along with comedian Sathya. Garuda Ram is a deadly villain who is ruthless. He is alright as a baddie. Comedian Srinivas Reddy is confined to a small role that has nothing much to offer.

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Chaitanya Dantuluri returned to the craft after a longtime. He has chosen writer Srikanth Vissa’s story that seems to be good on paper which is good for a commercial potboiler. But it gets lost in translation onto the big screen. Direction could be better. Songs leave no impact. Mani Sharma’s background score is impressive though. Editing could have been crispier.

Thumbs Up
Interval Twist
Some Laughs

Thumbs Down
Climax Episode
Hero-Heroine Love Track


Chaitanya Dantuluri’s Bhala Thanadana follows the familiar path of thrillers. It has some twists and turns to offer the genre fans. But they also get predictable. The film begins with a kidnap and what come after is serial cold-blooded murders of those involved in the kidnap. It manages to build the curiosity of the audience. It doesn’t take much time to fizzle out curiosity.

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The lead actors’ love track is not given enough attention. Their episodes are marred by routine writing. The comedy here and there brings some relief in this thriller. The preachy dialogues about journalism and the scenes inside the newsroom are dated. They don’t add much value to the story. Some dialogues are good. ‘Avasaram and Avakasam Vunna Thappu Cheyakapovadam’ is well-written defining heroine’s honesty in her profession. Also, the value of money is summed up well. These are only few takeaways from Bhala Thanadanana.

The film draws attention again with the pre-interval scene. The interval twist is compelling and brings back the serious nature in the viewers. The action episode at interval is also well made.

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Once the mystery is revealed as how the protagonist is involved and connected with the serial murders and the bigger conspiracy behind this, the film travels the predictable path. It is totally formulaic writing that is seen in many previous films. It is an out-and-out masala potboiler laced with commercial elements. They work in portions, but largely disappoint. The climax is stretched out unnecessarily. The twists only get predictable.

Overall, Bhala Thandanana is an old wine in a new bottle. It has its moments, but they are not enough to satiate the hunger of thriller fans. It could have been better. Towards the end, the filmmaker ends with an announcement of sequel to the story.

Bottom Line: Bore Thandanana!

Rating: 2.25/5

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