Rajinikanth 169th movie special – Again Narasimha, Neelambari combo after 23 years

How Narasimha vs. Neelambari will be on the silver screen.. The present generation of film audience does not know but.. They know better than a generation behind. If you want to know now, just type ‘Narasimha’ on YouTube and there will be amazing scenes. Director Nelson Dilip is looking to repeat such a combination.

It is known that Nelson will do the next film with Rajinikanth. Information that Ramyakrishna is being taken for a key role in it. It is rumoured that Nelson Dilip will be directing the 169th movie with Rajinikanth as the hero. This film was announced a few days ago under the production of Sun Pictures. Nelson’s work on this film was accelerated.

While the story is being fully prepared, casting work is about to begin. It seems that Ramyakrishnan was approached for a key role in the film in this order. As mentioned earlier Rajini – Ramya means we are reminded of the Nilambari-Narasimha episodes in the movie ‘Narasimha’. This movie addresses the scenes between the hero and the lady villain.

Now such scenes are looking to be repeated in this movie as well. If all goes as planned, we will watch Ramyakrishna as a Villain again. It is reported that Aishwarya Rai will play opposite Rajinikanth in this film. It is also said that the heroine Priyanka Arul Mohan will play another key role.

Now with the casting  rumors it is said that the movie will start soon. Rajinikanth wants the film to be completed and released as soon as possible. However, the team is planning to make a film remembering his health.