Adapting to the current trends, senior hero Rajasekhar has picked up a crime thriller genre titled ‘Shekar.’ The film is slated for theatrical release on May 20th and the team dropped the trailer.

‘Shekar’ is the remake of Malayalam movie ‘Joseph’ and Rajasekhar plays the titular role. Shekar is a retired cop yet he still provides assistance to the police department especially in chasing mysterious crimes. Falling in this line, a series of brutal murders hits the police and they seek Shekar’s inputs in solving it.

On the flipside, Shekar’s personal life is tangled. He and his wife, played by Muskaan of ‘George Reddy’ fame are separate. They have a daughter and want to know why her parents parted ways and if there is any chance of reunion.

The trailer is engaging but it lacks the soul of a proper suspense thriller. Jeevitha Rajasekhar has done the direction and she managed to present her husband in a refreshing role.