Till a week ago, some hardcore Telugu folks are busy claiming that RRR is a much bigger film than KGF 2 no matter if the latter is collecting way higher than that of Rajamouli’s magnum opus in Hindi circles. And now, suddenly there are claims everywhere that even the KGF director is a Telugu ‘Reddy’ guy who happens to be a nephew of a former Minister.

Apparently, a popular Telugu daily has even come up with an article that goes by the heading, “Prashanth Neel Manode”. As per the daily, the claim is that Prashanth Reddy Neelakantapuram is the nephew of former Minister and senior Congress leader N Raghuveera Reddy.

With Prashanth sharing same surname with that of Raghuveera family, hailing from the same village, and Raghuveera being the former MLA of Madikasira (Ananthapuram), surely this all sounds connected.

Ever since these claims are out, many hardcore Telugu fans of KGF series are now feeling super happy regarding the background of Prashanth. However, one has to realize that the director was totally brought up in Bangalore and that makes him more of a proud Kannadiga, isn’t it? Anyway, now that his films are entertaining everyone across the country, surely he’s an Indian favorite rather than one community or region.