Poonam Kaur clarity on having kids

Poonam Kaur is one of the controversial actresses of film Industry.   Earlier she accused a top director in Tollywood as the root cause for all her problems. Without revealing his identity, she termed him as Guruji and alleged that he has deprived her of films, Television commercials and other opportunities.

She also  pointed out that the director never encourages local talent but speaks about the legendary actress Savitri on stage. She claimed that the director only casts his muses who do nothing but throw toadies to him. In past she was also in the news headlines because of her relationship with Power Star Pawan Kalyan. But this time her fans are eager to known whether she is married and has kids?

Recently Poonam Kaur reacted to news about her. She shared a photo of herself with her two children and captioned it – My Happiness. And the netizens who saw this photograph, asked- can you tell who those children are .. some say .. why did Poonam get married ..? Others commented. This pic went viral on the social media.

Finally Poonam Kaur came forward and   responded to the news by clarifying who the children were. “Enough unbearable damage has been done , these are my best friends kids. Thankful to social media , that I can give clarity. Let me breathe,” she wrote.