SS Rajamouli created a box office sensation with RRR, starring Ram Charan and Jr NTR. Now that the film’s theatrical run is nearing its end, the focus has shifted to its OTT release.

As per the latest buzz on social media, RRR will have an interesting OTT release model. Apparently, the film will have paid premieres on ZEE5 and iTunes on the 20th of May. The regular OTT premieres on ZEE5 and Netflix for all users will then be on 3rd June.

Not often do we see theatrical releases getting paid premieres on OTT several weeks after the theatrical debut. Another point to be noted here is that there is an overwhelming risk of piracy with the paid premieres.

Early paid premieres are likely to result in pirated copies being spread all over the internet much ahead of RRR’s premieres on ZEE5 and Netflix for all users. If ZEE5 goes for temporary gains here, there is a risk of larger loss due to piracy.

That said, a section of the audience who couldn’t watch RRR in theatres due to the Covid situation might be interested in early paid OTT premieres. There is big money involved with the OTT rights of RRR and ZEE5 could be attempting to make some extra money through the paid OTT premieres.

The paid OTT premieres prospect is yet to be confirmed by the makers or the OTT platforms. All we can do is wait and see how things pan out.

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