Vishwak Sen is an actor who knows how to be in the news. Be it his films or the way he speaks during the promotions, he manages to be in news. He did the same when he got into a heated argument with Devi Nagavalli of TV9 during the promotions of his new film Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam.

So much is being said about Vishwak Sen’s rash behavior and also how the media channel is demeaning the actor’s tongue slip and using ‘F’ word. One thing is quite clear the controversy has surely helped the film.

This is all over the Tv, online, and YouTube channels for debates. But the majority of debates are around the hero but not the movie-centric.

In this scenario whether all this will help the movie or not, will be known this Friday when the shows begin.

If we see decent advance bookings, we can conclude that movie has got a boost, otherwise the debates around the hero did not help the actual film.

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