Young Tiger NTR is regarded as one of the most efficient dancers in the country. There are exclusive fans of NTR’s dancing. But for the past few years, his fans have been saying that his dancing has become repetitive.

On social media, NTR fans are tagging their star and requesting him to take care of his dances in the upcoming films. They are giving the example of Mahesh Babu, saying that Mahesh, who was subtle in his dance movements before, also has now started doing dances without any inhibitions in songs like ‘Mind Block’ and ‘Ma Ma Mahesha.’

In a recent interview with Mirchi9, Sekhar master revealed that NTR is someone who doesn’t need dance rehearsals and directly picks the steps on the sets. So fans are requesting NTR to select good mass and love songs with catchy beats and concentrate more on picking up innovative steps instead of routine moves.

NTR fans are a bit nervous since the competition is getting fierce right now, and Ram Charan and Allu Arjun might overtake NTR in the dancing department if he doesn’t take care of his dance movements.

We have to wait and see if NTR accepts the request from his fans in his next film with Koratala Siva.

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