The Jana Sena leader said that his party has not yet decided on the alliances with others for the upcoming elections. However, he said the Jana Sena will continue its truck with the BJP as he respects Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “I told Modi about the financial crisis and misuse of funds which was identified by the CAG too. I spoke about Amaravati also to the PM,” he claimed.

However, when the mediapersons insisted on the JS plans regarding alliance with the TDP, he evaded the reply. Just before leaving the dais, when they asked how would he ensure that the anti-YCP votes were not split, he said, in a jovial manner, that he hoped a miracle would happen. He did not give any clarity on the party’s truck with the TDP.

Pawan Kalyan lambasted the YCP government for failing to disburse pensions and insurance amount to the farmers in distress. He said that their party had given Rs 1 lakh solatium to the families of 134 tenant farmers who ended their life after suffering losses. Our party has limited funds but will try to give financial aid to all the farmers’ families, he said

Addressing a public meeting in Kurnool during the Koulu Rythulu Bharosa Yatra, Pawan said that their party would provide solace to the bereaved families of tenant farmers. As many as 3,000 tenant farmers died in the last three years but the YCP government had done nothing to their families. Of the 3,000 farmers who died by suicide, 400 belong to Kurnool district, he said.

“I came to know that the YCP leaders tried to obstruct a few bereaved families from taking the solatium being given by our party. “Amma petta pettadu. Adukku tina nivvadu..” he said.

Kurnool farmers hailed

He hailed the Kurnool farmers and their leaders for their undying spirit to achieve their goals and recalled how they forced the authorities to inaugurate an irrigation project which had been completed in all aspects but left unattended for many years. Finally, the project was inaugurated in 2016, hinting at the Handri-Neeva project.

Pawan said that the first Dalit CM of Andhra Pradesh Damodaram Sanjeevaiah, a native of Kurnool district, was his ideal and reminded that it was during his tenure that pensions were first introduced in the state.

Late Sanjeevaiah came down to visit his mother in Kurnool and while leaving for Hyderabad, he put Rs 50 in her hand. “You are able to give me Rs 50 because you are the CM but what is the condition of other mothers whose sons do not earn much,” she asked.

Pawan said that it was then that Sanjeevaiah introduced old age pensions. “But he did not tag his name to the scheme like the leaders these days.”

Pawan said that his party’s aim was to ensure social justice to the people. “I am not power hungry nor do I want any position. I only would like to fight for people’s rights and question authorities if injustice is done.”