Apparently, the film “Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalayanam” got strong word of mouth, and the houseful shows on Saturday night and Sunday are a testimony of this.

While the sensational news and the hype around it helped the movie get attention, the content is now drawing more audience. And here’s an interesting snippet.

Right now, the film doing enormously good at the box office but then standing a chance of getting eliminated from the box office due to the arrival of Sarakaaru Vaari Paata coming Friday.

Keeping that in mind, the OTT platform that already made a deal with AVAK has offered a new deal. As per reports, they have offered double for the movie to be allowed to be streamed on the OTT platform just 3 weeks from the date of release.

This re-deal might give huge profits to the producers but might kill the profits of the distributors in case AVAK runs in theatres even after SVP’s release. However, as far as distributors are concerned, they might get good profits by Friday itself, but not in all the areas. We have to see what happens.