Mega Fans Upset With Leaks!

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Now that Acharya has flopped, mega fans have pinned all their hopes on Ram Charan‘s new film with Shankar. The shooting of the film is on in Vizag and fans are super excited about the star hero and his role in the film.

But there are also a few who are quite upset about the various leaks happening with the film. Ram Charan’s look has been leaked and a two minute video from the shoot have also come out on social media and this has upset the fans.

Mega fans are warning the makers, Dil Raju to take care of the leaks and build the excitement until the official first look of the film comes out soon.


Ram Charan has become a popular star post RRR and everyone wants to see a glimpse of his film. But these silly leaks have spoilt the excitement of the fans. They want the official quality posters and promos, not these low quality leaked material. We need to see want kind of measures does Dil Raju and Shankar take from now on.

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