It is known that young Telugu actor Vishwak Sen is involved in a controversy. He stormed out of a TV debate recently after a verbal confrontation with a lady anchor. The anchor called him names and the young actor reacted with as much vigor.

In this context, the Telugu crowd on social media is urging Vijay Deverakonda to react to the issue.

“Not so long ago, when a media outlet spread misinformation about you(Vijay Deverakonda), you reacted with great vigor and urged the entire film industry to stand by you and also stand up to the media. Now, your fellow actor Vishwak Sen is facing a similar situation. Where are you now? Why are you not reacting to the fiasco while a Telugu actor is being irked by a media house?” a netizen commented.

Well, Vijay is always aggressive when it comes to calling out the media. He even shares sarcastic posts on select media houses if they write a cooked-up story about him. Netizens are now urging Vijay to stand by Vishwak who is facing ‘media attack’.

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