Every busy actor in Tollywood will have managers to look after their dates and other commitments.

Some of these managers will become blood-sucking vampires taking commissions for setting projects and giving dates.

Their demands become even more if they have busy actresses in their porfolio.

A few of them even misguide the actors into doing things which will only benefit them.

We are now talking about one such young manager. This guy manages the dates of two heroines – one star heroine and one promising heroine.

This star heroine is in demand right now with a Telugu film which garnered famed at Pan-India level.

The young starlet got popularity with an unexpected hit in which she starred opposite a senior actor’s son. She currently has a handful of offers.

This guy quotes remunerations as per his whims and fancies.

He favors to the producers who are in ‘Good terms’ with him.

Dates are also allocated according to his ‘convenience’.

Furthermore, he brain washes the heroines as if coming to promotions is a crime.

Right from signing an actress to the shoot and the promotions, every thing becomes a headache for producers.

As a result, producers take the heroines as head strong.

This can easily backfire on the heroines, if they bag one or two flops.

This is not the only case. There are quite a few managers like this sucking the blood of the producers.

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