There is a dialogue in an old Telugu movie that an aspiring director wants to build “Vizag Beach Set” in Hyderabad. Bringing sea and beach to Hyderabad city is a big joke and film industry folks use that abundantly whenever some director is lavishly spending on the making of a movie. But it looks like, for Sarkaarvu Vaari Paata, they have made it real.

Needless to say, RK Beach in Vizag is quite a popular destination and many films were shot there in the past. However, when director Parasuram stated that they are going to shoot a long fight and drama sequence in RK beach, Mahesh got stunned and asked the director how could they really shoot in a public area for a long period of time as the popping up crowds must disrupt the shoot.

As a solution, the VFX team and the Production design team of SVP collaborated quite well and created the RK beach setup in Ramoji Film City. Using visual effects, they have added the water and other elements that make the total sequence as authentic as it could be. Mahesh is said to have got quite excited after watching this whole sequence whose glimpse is also included in the trailer.

Well, literally Mahesh and Co brought the beach to Hyderabad, isn’t it?