KRK Movie Review and Rating

Release Date      : April 28, 2022
Cast                    : Vijay Sethupathi, Nayantara, Samantha etc.
Director              : Vignesh Sivan
Music Director    : Anirudh Ravichandran
Cinematography : SR Kathir – Vijay Karthik Kannan
Producer             : Vignesh Sivan – Nayantara – SS Lalith Kumar
Banner                : Rowdy Pictures – Seven Screen Studios
Rating                  :  2/5

Triangle Love Story “Kanmani Rambo Katija” by Vignesh Sivan in the crazy combination of Vijay Sethupathi-Nayantara-Samantha. This film was released in Tamil as “Kathuvakula Rendu Kaadhal” and was released in Telugu translation. Let’s see how this movie, which was released today in honor of Samantha’s birthday, impressed the audience..!!

Story : Rambo (Vijay Sethupathi), who is known to be unlucky by birth, runs away from his mother as a child. He remains without love-marriage until he is in his thirties. Kanmani (Nayantara) & Katija (Samantha) are introduced at exactly the same moment. Rambo loves both equally. This love triangle goes all the way to the wedding.

Whom did Rambo eventually marry? Who is left alone? Is the storyline of the movie.

Cast : Vijay Sethupathi, Nayantara and Samantha did justice to their roles. There is no proper justification for any of the characters except Vijay. Therefore the audience will not be connected to the female characters as Vijay Sethupathi is connected to the character.

However.. if Nayantara impresses with her screen presence.. Samantha is impressed with glamour. This is the movie that Samantha has looked so glamorous in. Prabhu, Redin, and Sreesanth as comedians.

Technical performance : Anirudh Ravichandran songs, background music is the biggest asset to the film. Locked up with his music even though there was no matter in the movie. Cinematography & Artwork is soso.

Director Vignesh Sivan relied more on the star cast than the story he wrote. He was unable to create the impact of the movie teaser and trailer with the movie. Emotions in a comedy film are rarely categorized. That combination did not work in this film. So the whole movie seems like something is going on. Comedy in between, entertaining some dialogues.. but boring as a movie. The important reason for that is the narrative.

We’ll already see stories like this up to a 50. There are lots of triangle love stories like this in Telugu and Tamil. From the treatment to the screenplay, “Kanmani Rambo Katija” is also of the same style. The movie does not look or feel new to the audience except for the star cast.

Vignesh Sivan, who has failed as a narrator and director, has impressed in Tamil as a lyric writer.

Analysis : Chinmayi is heard in the character of Samantha after the channels, it is a bit difficult for the audience to accept “Kanmani Rambo Katija” which has no other plus point except the music of Anirudh. However.. being a film made on a very limited budget, the Nayantara-Samantha fan base is quite large so there is no chance of going into the safe zone as a commercial. However.. in terms of the film “Kanmani Rambo Katija” is difficult to entertain the audience!