Kota Srinivas Rao Shocking comments on Megastar ‘Did Chiranjeevi help anyone with even a rupee..?’

Megafamily means senior actor Kota Srinivasa Rao does not have an actual fall. In that family, the family members are on fire in a range. Kota made harsh remarks against Nagababu during the ‘Movie Artists Association’ election a few months ago. Chiranjeevi was also mistaken in some respects. Now he has made harsh remarks on Chiranjeevi in an interview.

Kota objected to Chiranjeevi’s speech as part of the recent ‘May Day’ celebrations. Kota responded to the good news that Chiru wanted to build a hospital in Chitrapuri colony. To feed the workers first.. Kota asked who would go to Chiranjeevi Hospital. Even having a talent, many people are not only starving in work or Krishnanagar but also addicted and ruining their lives.

As part of the May Day celebrations, Kota erred in commenting that he was not a filmmaker but a worker. Kota questioned how Chiranjeevi could become a film worker who takes a remuneration of crores of rupees. He did not like such words.. but Chiranjeevi said that it means a lot of respect. Kota also laid counters on Chiranjeevi’s sense of service.

He asked Chiranjeevi even if a Rupee had helped anyone in any way and if he had given roles to anyone in his films. Kota commented that he was sending money to those who came to his house asking for help. He said that he had helped up to Rs 5 lakh for the workers who were in such trouble. A sugar patient said that he had gone on a four-day hunger strike in his old age for the welfare of Telugu film workers.