In what can be termed as a shocking incident, a few kids were kept in Police Station for allegedly tearing posters of YSR Congress.

This has happened in Palnadu. Local leaders have complained to the police about someone tearing their posters. They suspected it to be the work of the Opposition.

After maintaining a vigil, it has been found that a few naughty kids are behind that. But the cops did not even spare them and got them to the police station.

A video of the kids standing in the police station has got viral on Whatsapp and social media. All of them belongs to Janapadu village.

Piduguralla police have arrested them and detained them for a day to teach them a lesson. National News Channel, India Today picked up the news and telecast it.

“It’s high time cops behave independently and stop toeing to the orders of the Ruling party. There should be a strict action on the cops involved,” TDP demanded.

Shocker from Andhra Pradesh! Kids kept in police station for tearing YSRCP poster | #ITVideo

— IndiaToday (@IndiaToday) April 27, 2022

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