Whenever a director like SS Rajamouli or Prashanth Neel hits it out of the park, miles away from the stadium, the first discussion that starts is nothing but the remuneration they are taking home. And it has already come out that Prashant charged ₹ 25 crores as his fee for KGF: Chapter 2 owing to the first part’s success. So what is his pay packet now?

It is now coming out that Prashant, like all other superstars, is taking a bit of remuneration, then charging a percentage in the net profits too. For KGF: Chapter 2 itself, while he took ₹ 25 crores as salary, he is likely to take home 20% of the share from the net revenues. So far the film made ₹ 1000 crores gross, and if we consider 600-700 crores as a share, he is likely to get somewhere around ₹ 120-140 crores as his share. That amounts to a total of ₹ 150+ crores pay packet for KGF2 alone.

Coming to the point, the talented creator of KGF is right now working on Prabhas Salaar for which he is taking ₹ 50 crores as salary, while there will be shares in the net revenue as usual. And with the director having the films or NTR with Mythri Movies, Charan-Chiru with DVV Danayya in the pipeline, surely his pay packet might touch ₹ 200 crores including the salary and share part.

Looks like the director has touched Rajamouli’s range already and hope that he never disappoints in theatres like the Baahubali creator.