Suma is all set to test her luck on the big screen with Jayamma Panchayathi releasing on May 6th. Superstar Mahesh Babu has released the Release Trailer of the movie a short while ago.

The trailer gives us an impression that ‘having husband’s surgery done by the gifts she gets for daughter’s function but only to get shocked’ may be the subject.

The idea and the consequences of that not happening is not something touched in Telugu so far. Adding to novel factor is Suma. She is someone who can be innocent and at the same time, very commanding. 

It is her one-woman show in the trailer even as she stands tall amid many problems and the whole village. The village and the rest of the setup are also impressive. Keeravani’s background score is another plus point for the film. 

All in all, Jayamma Panchayati Release Trailer works the way it is intended – raising the expectations on the movie ahead of its release. Vijay Kumar Kalipatnapu directs the film.