The discussion of alliances has started already in Andhra Pradesh even though elections are still two years to go.

It looks like Janasena and TDP are going to contest the elections together.

Janasena supporters are already ambitious about what they are going to get as a part of seat-sharing. Some even go to the extent of demanding Pawan Kalyan to be the CM candidate.

While the expectations are natural, the ground realities are completely different.

For an instance, Janasenani has toured the Kurnool district the other day. In the erstwhile Kurnool district, there is no proper leadership for the party.

Out of the fourteen constituencies here, Janasena only has in-charges for six constituencies. Even their activity and winning chances are not satisfactory.

In the remaining constituencies, fans themselves are conducting party programs now and then. But everything is so disorganized.

The party’s membership drives did not evoke a proper response.

The party and its supporters are being misled by the huge crowds that attend to Pawan Kalyan‘s rallies and meetings.

Janasena should immediately focus on building the party organization lest it should be confined to a few districts.

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