It is becoming increasingly common for Pawan Kalyan‘s films to have Janasena baggage. The dialogues in his films are aligning with his political interests, regardless of the fact that they don’t quite blend with the narrative.

For instance, there is this interval block in Vakeel Saab, where Pawan says “Even if people are not by my side, I will be by their side and fight for them.” This dialogue has Janasena reference and it looks oddly placed. There are a few more such scenes in the film.

Then there is a similar setup in Bheemla Nayak where Pawan says “I will not run away after losing. I will keep fighting.” It is easy to connect the dots. Trivikram, being a master writer blended the whole thing well.

Now, there appears to be a fair bit of political touch in Pawan Kalyan – Harish Shankar’s Bhavadeeyudu Bhagat Singh as well. In a promotional video, Harish Shankar revealed a dialogue from his next with Pawan Kalyan.

“He (Pawan Kalyan) doesn’t get the courage from the lakhs of people standing by his side. But rather, lakhs of people gain courage from Pawan Kalyan who is standing by them.” Harish Shankar said. There is clear political touch to the same.

It is all understandable if the film is a political drama. Else, these political dialogues will look out of place. It has to be seen if the political reference will blend into Pawan – Harish film or not.

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