Janasena President Pawan Kalyan has blasted AP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy once again. The actor-politician vehemently condemned Jagan’s move to collect water tax from AP farmers and termed it “undemocratic”.

“Jagan has set a target to collect a hefty water tax per each village. A whopping tax of Rs 29 lakh has been set as a target for a remote village like Chinna Samudram. A 6 percent tax from the year 2018 is ridiculous. Is Jagan Reddy doing governance or finance business?,” Pawan questioned in a fiery manner.

Pawan also slammed Jagan sarkar’s inhuman act of locking up the houses of farmers who didn’t pay property taxes last month. “Jagan has not paid the paddy amount to farmers even after so many months. Farmers may choose suicides over agriculture due to Jagan’s inhuman ways. CM must change his ways and stop troubling the farmers who are already mired in severe hardships,” said Pawan.

Pawan went on to blast Jagan over the Tirupati RUIA Hospital tragedy. “Authorities must tell us what happened to the government ambulances during the tragedy. Is RUIA a government hospital or does YSRCP own it? Only YSRCP leaders win all the tenders starting from the cycle parking tender,” the Janasenani fumed.

“YSRCP corporators are getting huge shares in the ambulance mafia. The suspended RMO Saraswati has been made a scapegoat because she is a dalit. The culprits behind this unfortunate incident must be caught at the earliest and punished severely,” Pawan demanded.

Pawan concluded saying that RUIA’s staff is diverting poor people who come for treatment to private hospitals in the city. “The situation is such that, if people go to RUIA with Aadhaar card, they are being sent back by the staff with a death certificate. Please do not turn RUIA hospital into YSRCP hospital,” said Pawan.