A few days back YCP’s mouthpiece Vijayasai Reddy received a shock from CM Jagan. Vijayasai Reddy was stripped from the political coordinator for UttarAndhra region and some of his key powers were also trimmed by Jagan. And since then Vijayasai Reddy is very cautious on his moves but he sprung a surprise by winning the confidence of his leader in a matter of just days.

During the cabinet reshuffle, Jagan also made changes in YCP’s internal affairs. Vijayasai Reddy received a major jolt and in his place, YV Subba Reddy was appointed as the coordinator for UttarAndhra region. Also there were huge allegations against Vijayasai that he was involved in many land grabbing issues and settlements. A section of YCP leaders were also upset with Vijayasai that is getting involved in every issue in UttarAndhra region especially when the matters are related to Vizag city.

In order to avoid more damage to the party’s image, CM Jagan reportedly took action against Vijayasai Reddy. But setting all these unauthenticated reports aside, Vijayasai Reddy was given responsibilities of coordinating with party affiliates and working with regional coordinators and party district presidents.

If Jagan’s previous actions and current appointment to Vijayasai Reddy are observed, there is not much of a difference. Wherever Vijayasai Reddy is required, he is being utilised to full extent and he is being snubbed, if his necessity is not applicable.

But whenever Vijayasai Reddy is receiving a setback from Jagan or YCP leadership, he is bouncing back within a short span and proving that he is all worth it.