Is this minus to Acharya ? Will people accept Sonusood as a villain in acharya ?

Although Chiranjeevi and Charan are working hard on promotions, huge expectations are not being formed on Acharya by the audience. Audiences who have seen RRR and KGF2 movies are thinking of booking tickets based on Acharya Cinema Talk. While movie bookings are good in Hyderabad, movie bookings are bad in other places.

However, the negative sentiments are also causing tension among the fans of this film. It is known that Sonu Sood acted as a villain in the movie Acharya. It is not easy for the people of Telugu states to accept the real hero SonuSood as a villain by the audience. Accepting SonuSood as a villain? Or not? It will take a few more days to know the answer to that question.

If the audience does not accept SonuSood as a villain, it seems that there is a chance that Acharya’s movie will be damaged. Pooja Hegde’s negative sentiment, the sentiment of a movie flop after the hero starring in Jakkanna’s direction is also putting tension on the mega fans. With the exception of Khiladi, none of the big films released this year have disappointed the audience.

Mega fans are commenting that Acharya is also a blockbuster hit and not a single film directed by Koratala Shiva has disappointed the audience. There are many specialties in Acharya movie but the makers are not revealing them. Interval twist, climax is reported to have a chance to be the highlight of the film.

It seems that Kajal’s role in this film has been completely removed. Despite the news that Anushka will be making a guest appearance in Acharya, the truth has to be known in this news.