As Superstar Mahesh Babu is not interested to go outside India or spending long days away from home, the producers of Sarkaaru Vari Paata are said to have erected huge sets to complete 80% of the film. This is something we know already but the fact is that building these sets might now trouble the producer.

Well, the Andhra Pradesh government has put up a rule that for films that are shot in the state for at least 20% of the runtime, then they will get a chance to hike the tickets in the first week of the release. Rather than building the set of a bank located in Vizag, the makers should have opted for a real location in Vizag such that the film would have obliged the condition of shooting 20% in Andhra Pradesh. That would have got the film a whopping ticket hike deal from the newly formed Telugu state.

But then, to avail the special offers given by AP state in the ticketing GO, every film producer can’t really go by the rules laid there. This is due to various issues including time constraints, budget isues and dates issues.