Is Rana Daggupati going to be in KGF 3 ?!

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Is Rana Daggupati going to be in KGF 3 ?!

Director Prashant Neel leaked about ‘KJF 2‘ at the end of ‘KJF 3’. He thought he would see later what the story was, what the concept was, what the cast was, what the crew was. However Fans are still in the process of selecting Cost and Crooney. While the story of the film is already being cooked up on social media, there are others who are pretending and pretending that they are acting.

The villains are just as famous as the hero in the ‘KJF’ movie series. The hero Yash in the movie is nothing new. With this, who the villain is has now become a topic of discussion. Not only that but now there is a lot of discussion going on about it. In the first two parts the villains are all dead. So now say the hero is also dead.

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But for the third part the hero somehow survives. Then the villain should be. Netizens say that the villain is Rana Daggubati. This is due to the recent reply given to Rana by film director Prashant Neil on Twitter. Rana tweeted praising KJF 2 and got a calm reply. In it he wrote that we will meet soon. Why Rana meets Prashant in Ukraine. What about the movie. It is calculated that it is for ‘KJF3’ only.

Cost is out of the question for Salar anyway. Of the two films from Prashant, one is ‘KJF3’ and the other is ‘Tarak’. Tarak is not a movie multistarrer though. So far there are no such campaigns. So netizens are saying that the Rana – Prashant combination is only for ‘KGF3’. But he must know what is in the calm mind. Let’s see if clarity on this comes soon. Until then some other rumors will be coming in similarly.

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