Star diva Samantha is celebrating her birthday today and she is flooded by birthday wishes from her fans on social media. One such birthday wish for Samantha has caught social media by surprise and here’s why.

Mega hero Sai Dharam Tej is an ardent fan of Samantha as he himself stated on multiple occasions.

Now, marking Sam’s birthday, Sai Dharam Tej shared a snap of Samantha right at 12 midnight. “Jessie, nuvvu Yem maaya chesavo kani.. yeto vellipoindi manasu.. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Sam @Samanthaprabhu2 ❤️ – Ur Ardent Fan” Sai captioned the snap.

It is evident that Sai is a fanboy of Samantha. Netizens are now surprised, seeing Sai showing his fanism towards Samantha by sharing a social media post wishing the actress soon after the clock strikes 12, marking her birthday. Sai’s tweet is going viral now.

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