Even before the ‘Pudding and Mink’ pub incident, mega daughter Niharika Konidela has actually deactivated her Instagram account, thereby creating many unwanted rumors. Some said she was separating from her husband, and some felt that she might be pregnant. And then came the pub incident, that further stunned all. But here’s the reality.

After tweeting about her web film ‘Oka Chinna Family Story’ back in December 2021, finally Niharika posted another tweet other day.

Along with her husband JV Chaitanya, she’s now producing a new web film titled “Hello World” featuring Aryan Rajesh and Sadaa in the leads along with some other YouTubers. Other day this project’s muhurat event was held and Niharika tweeted about it.

With her new hairdo, crazy smile and her husband also joining completely into the production game, the couple is looking pretty happy and cute as well. And then, it looks like Niharika will also be getting back to acting-thing very soon. We hear that she is making a web series for herself on her own banner soon.