Among all the producers who are operating from the Geetha Arts compound including Bunny Vas and Allu Bobby, surely it is the senior legend Allu Arvind that has a terrific vision of the future. And he makes sure that the dates of young heroes are blocked for his company at the right times.

In recent times, Geetha Arts has blocked the dates of Vijay Devarakonda from the moment he has risen to fame with Pelli Choopulu. And with their Geetha Govindam following Arjun Reddy to the box office, it became a ₹ 100 crores revenue generating film by all means, in no time.

Later GA paid an advance to Karthikeya Reddy after the super success of RX100 movie and carved Chaavu Kaburu Challaga with him. Allu Arvind applied the same strategy to another hero, Kiran Abbavaram, and their venture will be going to the production floor soon.

And other day, after getting to know about the talk of Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam, Arvind hosted a bash for Vishwaksen as well, and the latest buzz is that the young hero will be signing the dotted line for Geetha Arts through GA2 very soon.

Looks like Arvind is applying the right strategies to make sure that all the upcoming heroes will have a film each in Geetha compound. Even if one of the clicks, it is enough for the production house to make it bigger.