AICC former president Rahul Gandhi’s Telangana tour is likely to witness some remarkable political developments as there is talk that Telangana Jana Samiti, headed by Prof. Kodandaram, would be merged with the Congress at the same time.

Prof. Kodandaram, who had been with TRS boss and Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao during the Telangana movement, stepped away from the party with some differences cropping up between him and KCR. Since then, the TJS could not rise to prominence, as it was plagued by leadership crisis too.

During the 2018 elections, the TJS had an alliance with the Congress but both the parties suffered defeat. Now, the Congress is reportedly planning to draw the TJS into its fold and there are reports that deliberations are underway. Congress leaders at the Centre are also of the opinion that the party would be able to benefit if it can have a strong pro-Telangana activist in the party, as it could prove to be a strong counter to the TRS which is claiming to be a party born to fight for the rights of Telanganites.

The Congress is of the opinion to cash in on the disgruntlement among the Telangana warriors that the TRS had neglected them and also the sacrifices of Telangana martyrs. In such a situation, the Congress feels that a strong
pro-Telangana leader would be of great help to the party. The Congress is also planning to use the services of Prof. Kodandaram to bring all the Telangana activists on to a single platform and then grow as the right alternative for the TRS in the state.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that Prof Kodandaram is not in a hurry and is waiting to take a decision on the merger right before the elections. There are some crucial questions on how well TPCC Chief Revanth Reddy would be able to gel with the professor too.

It has to be seen how all the political equations would take shape in the next week.