Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy makes tall claims about spending 1000s of Crores of money on roads.

The CM even asks the officials to have a ‘Now and Then’ analysis of roads with picture proofs.

But Eenadu had almost stripped the government by an in-depth analysis of the state of roads in AP.

Eenadu teams have observed roads of around 167 kilometers in 25 districts of Andhra Pradesh.

They have arrived at a conclusion that there are 6,220 potholes on these roads with an average of 37 potholes for every kilometer.

They did not publish these numbers just like that.

All the details of the roads, the number of potholes, and even the sizes of the potholes are mentioned. They even published numerous photos of the roads which are in battered condition.

The item is the main page banner and also had a dedicated page insider.

The analysis and coverage are so brutal that YSR Congress is almost struggling to defend.

No wonder we see the Chief Minister repeatedly hitting Eenadu and looks very worried these days.

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