‘Climax Will Be The Highlight Of Bhala Thandanana’

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Actor Sree Vishnu, who is known for picking up versatile subjects, is coming up with a suspense thriller, Bhala Thandanana which will release tomorrow across the globe.

Sree Vishnu has sounded very confident about the film. “I am eager to work with Chaitanya since Baanam days. We are known to each other for 14 years. He has immense clarity of his work and that impressed me a lot,” the actor said.

“The first twenty five minutes is all about the characters introduction. Every character becomes highlight as we go deep in to the story. The Pre-climax and the climax will be very interesting,” Sree Vishnu told the media.

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Going further into the climax, he said, “There is an angle which you have never seen any where. It will be the highlight of the film. Audience will be spellbound with the climax. The face-off scenes with (KGF fame) Garuda Ram have come very well”.

He also confirmed that Bhala Thandana is not just about Hawala of 2000 Crore. “It is a suspense thriller with an intense story. I will definitely appeal to the audience. There is lots of fun as well. I immediately okayed the film after listening to the story,” he told.

Sree Vishnu

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