Can you imagine any other hero in the role of Siddha in Acharya other than Ram Charan? Especially after watching the two Cheetahs and Megastar-Mega Powerstar in the same visuals, one would surely get a high that no other actors’ combination would give. Guess what, even Chiranjeevi had some lows while shooting these sequences and here is why it is.

When Koratala Siva requested Rajamouli to send Charan for the shoot of Acharya, they say that the RRR director hasn’t given continuous dates but one here and one there. And that led to a feeling in Chiranjeevi that his film Acharya is getting delayed and he should do something. He’s said to have thought of replacing Charan with someone else, but hasn’t met anyone or called up anyone to discuss the role.

“I got a feeling that the film is getting delayed, and even thought of replacing Ram Charan. But then, I haven’t thought about any other actor and hadn’t met any other actor to take up the role. Whatever names you heard in the media are just speculations only” said Chiru, revealing this. However, earlier Megastar told in another interview that he would have asked Pawan Kalyan to do this role if Charan is unavailable or Rajamouli didn’t allow him to do so.