Chay Akkineni is normally a very silent person off screen and keeps things personal. But even since he announced his divorce, he has gone into a shell and is keeping a very low profile.

Chay’s release was Bangarraju which didn’t work as expected. On the other hand, Samantha is all over the news with item song post divorce and signing multiple offers.

Chay too has multiple projects but they are not the ones that will make you sit up and notice them. He has a brief role in Lal Singh Chadha and there is no news about his film ‘Thank You’ which has been wrapped up long back.

Also, Chay is making his debut on OTT with a horror show but that also has not made much noise. Generally, Chay maintains low key on social media and now his divorce has made him go into a silent mode altogether. We need to see when and how he makes a proper comeback.

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