In recent times, we are noticing every day that somewhere some celebrities or technicians related to Bollywood are making comments on Telugu films and other South movies. And joining this list is some noted heroes who are making silly and unwanted comments on south films whenever their films are lined up for a release.

Recently during the release of the “Attack” movie, John Abraham spoke low about Telugu movies as he went on to say that he won’t want to star in regional movies in order to impress a few. And he stated that Hindi is the national language he would love to appear only in Hindi films but not play a second fiddle or anything in regional films.

And now, when Ajay Devgan’s “Runway” is up for release this Friday, he has dug up some comments made by Kichha Sudeep and stated that Hindi is always their mother tongue and National language and they would make films in that language only. This triggered a debate on social media, where Kichha’s words are like a tight slap to many Hindi lovers, as he said, “I can read your Hindi reply, but can you understand if I do reply in Kannada?”

Anyway, what is this trend like? Right before the release of a Hindi film, these Hindi heroes blame south heroes, south films in the name of glorifying the National language. Well in the first place, a language spoken in 8 states officially can’t become the National langue, while we can heartfully say that 80% of Indians actually understand English better than Hindi.

Maybe Bollywood heroes should stop making this kind of nuisance to promote their newly releasing films. Isn’t it?