Andhra Pradesh BJP chief Somu Veerraju exuded confidence that their party would be voted to power in 2024 Assembly elections. Numerous development and welfare programmes are being implemented under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and people will definitely vote for us, he said.

On being questioned if the party would go for any alliance, Somu said that they would forge the connect with the people and have a truck with Jana Sena. “We will have connection with ‘janam’ and Jana Sena,” he said. In the same breath, he said that there was no need for the BJP to go for an alliance with any other party.

When the mediapersons continued to ask him if the BJP would go for a tie-up with the TDP, he said that the Jana Sena chief should give a clarity about it.

He advised the correspondents to change their intention. “The BJP is more worried about the people in Andhra Pradesh. Development of the state is our main motto. Our party is not a talli-bidda party. Those parties are more interested in occupying the CM chair. We have no such tensions. “

“For the BJP, it is not party first but Andhra Pradesh first. We would urge the people to think on how Modi developed the state,” he said.

The elections are two years away but the mediapersons are keen on observing every word and move of the political leaders, considering it as a precursor to the polls.